Ameiko Kaijitsu (Amatatsu)

Heir to the Minkai Empire


Ameiko is a beautiful but somewhat irreverent woman of Tian descent who ran Sandpoint’s Rusty Dragon tavern and happens to be a member of one of Sandpoint’s founding families. Her parents and older siblings have met unfortunate ends over the past several years, leaving the young woman as the sole remaining Kaijitsu in town.

5’6", with pale skin, dark slanted eyes, and black hair that she often dyes a white, purple, or blue streak in. Has a tattoo of a snake on her left arm and shoulder.

Ameiko can work in the caravan as a cook, entertainer, fortune-teller, guard, passenger, spellcaster, or trader.


Ameiko_2.jpg Ameiko may be among the town’s nobility, but she’s never really cared for the aristocracy—she’s always had an urge to explore, and loves hearing stories of adventures and daring deeds. She even spent a year or so as an adventurer herself, along with her friend Sandru Vhiski. Her short adventuring career earned her enough money to buy the Rusty Dragon outright, and she now serves as its sole proprietor in her “retirement.”

You get the feeling, though, that abandoning the adventuring life wasn’t entirely her choice—certainly she doesn’t talk much about what happened on her last adventure, or what happened to the others in her group. And although she has a lot of friends and admirers in town, Ameiko has never accepted anyone as anything more than a friend; she dodges personal questions and diplomatically avoids proposals of romance, much to the frustration of several eager suitors here in Sandpoint.

She’s a talented singer and samisen player, and if she wanted to, Ameiko could certainly have led a comfortable life in Sandpoint. Those that knew her fairly well, however, knew that she was growing increasingly bored and impatient with having nothing more to look forward to than a “safe life” in a “safe town.” When the chance to go on an epic voyage presented itself, Ameiko was more than ready to sell the Rusty Dragon and move on.

Thanks to the members of the Brinewall Expedition, Ameiko came to realize that she was the legitimate heir of the Amatatsu family, with the divine right to rule the empire of Minkai. They became scions of her line as well – “insurance” of a sort, should Ameiko not survive to claim her title.

Ameiko Kaijitsu (Amatatsu)

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