Fynn Snaevald

Ulfen Merchant and Collector


Slender and wiry, with blue veins crawling across his arms and neck beneath a shock of white beard and hair that floats around his head like a halo. Although well into his nineties, Snaevald is still hale, hearty, and feisty.


An independent trader of amber and whale oil, and well-known collecter of Tian antiquities who lives in Kalsgard’s Amber Quarter.

Formerly the owner of Suishen, intelligent talking sword of the Amatatsu family, he had the sword stole from him by a band of ninjas when he was not home. Several of his servants were killed in the process, and the only thing that was taken was the sword, which he kept on display above his heart. One of his servants was still alive when he got home, and was able to relay what had happened. His last words were something about “paying the lion’s due”.

He told the party that he no longer cared about getting the sword back, but the theft of his property and death of his servants demanded blood vengeance that he was too old to enact himself. He’s asked them to get it in his place, and he will grant them the sword as a prize.

Fynn Snaevald

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