Sandru Vhiski

Swashbuckling Varisian Caravan Leader


Only a few years from middle age, Sandru Vhiski is a charming man, handsome and irreverent in precisely the ways that could have made him a successful Sczarni con artist, even before one takes into account that his older brother, Jubrayl, is Sandpoint’s local Sczarni leader.

While he makes enough money on his journeys from trade, money isn’t his primary motivation – he loves the road as well, and loves the tradition. It doesn’t take much to get Sandru talking about Varisian history, dance tradition, scarves, fortune-telling, horses and wagons, landmarks and legends. In the off-seasons, when the weather makes travel too dangerous or too uncomfortable, Sandru prefers to stay in Magnimar, where he helps other Varisians with his carpentry skills and flirts with the political scene in that town.

He possesses a graceful and almost dancelike combat style, and has a marked interest in art objects and jewelry, particularly of Varisian make, as well as fine foodstuffs and drink. He has a friendly and personable character, and enjoys teasing his adopted brother, Bariel.

Sandru can perform the following caravan jobs: driver, guard, passenger, trader, or wainwright.


Sandru_Vhiski.jpg Sandru’s care fell to Koya Mvashti, a family friend and practically an aunt to the young Sandru. Under her guidance and support, Sandru managed to avoid falling in with the Sczarni, and when he grew of age, he instead sought employment as a caravan guard.

For several years, Sandru avoided returning to Sandpoint, but after he lost his job in the caravan business, Sandru joined up with a group of adventurers to explore western Varisia, including Ameiko Kaijitsu, and his younger brother, Alder. The trio’s brief adventuring career was quite successful, but ended in tragedy, as Alder was killed, in an incident involving cannibals. Sandru distanced himself from his friend Ameiko after their return, throwing his adventuring spoils into investing in his own caravan. He spent the next several years on the road, before he began spending more time returning to visit his friends and family in Sandpoint. He has a great deal of concern over Ameiko’s well-being, and is quick to defend her, and only happy to support her reclaiming her family’s throne.

Like Ameiko, Sandru earned a fair amount of money during his short-lived adventuring days, and like Ameiko, he doesn’t talk about the reasons why he abandoned the life. When he retired from adventuring, instead of buying a tavern, he bought his own caravan, after which he invited Koya to join him on his journeys, knowing she wanted to see more of the world.
Sandru is the owner and primary driver of the Brinewall Expedition’s caravan.

With a good head for business, a winsome manner, and a breezy fighting style, Sandru has shown himself a useful member of the expedition in more ways than one, and traveled to Ravenscraeg with the party to help find Suishen and Ulf, and defeat the ogre mage oni, Kimandatsu, an excursion that not only led to establishing business with Lute Haggersly, the merchant whom they freed there, but also to the discovery of the riches of the Rimerunners Guild.

Sandru Vhiski

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