Lyrakian Cleric of Desna


A tiny, butterfly-winged azata with green hair with an optimistic, curious attitude.


The party found Spivey living inside the ruins of Brinewall village, where she had been living in the local cemetery. A lyrakien cleric of Desna, she was long stranded on the Material Plane after her mistress was slain by a “hungry plant”. After several months of aimless wandering, Spivey came upon the ruins of the church of Desna in Brinewall, and took it as a sign. She originally tried to rebuild the temple, but gave up when it started attracting the wrong kind of attention from denizens of the castle nearby. She relocated to the cemetery, where she kept it free of desecration and undead, staying hidden when anyone came around, leaving many to think a ghost haunted the grounds.

The group represented the first friendly faces Spivey had seen in a long time, but she was not naive and watched them from hiding for a bit before revealing herself, once she recognized Koya as a follower of Desna. She was eager to learn what had brought them to Brinewall, and encouraged them to clean out the castle, offering them the use of the holy water font in the cemetery and healing. Once they had destroyed the monsters in the castle (particularly the dire corbies), Spivey was convinced to accompany them on their journey to Minkai. She proved her worth by exploring the Five Storms fortress of Ravenscraeg with them. She’s very fond of Helgarval, the cassisian angel.

Spivey can operate as a guard, healer, or spellcaster in the caravan. She doesn’t count against the traveler total or increase its consumption score.


Jade Regent ardendactyl