Ulf Gormundr

Half-Varki, Half-Ulfen Guide


Occasionally surly, and with an inflexible personal sense of right and wrong, Ulf is not always the easier person to work with. Ulf’s Ulfen blood shows in his long blonde hair, and ice blue eyes. He dresses in a combination of Ulfen warrior armor and Varki furs.

For years now, Ulf and Uksahkaa have served as guides throughout the Land of the Linnorm Kings, and Ulf has established a reputation for himself as a skilled guide along the Path of Aganhei. Unfortunately, he also has something of a reputation as a loose cannon and difficult employee. More than one merchant guild has seen Ulf quit on them over some disagreement or injustice, either real or perceived. He seems to have burned many bridges with local power players by not conforming to their ideas of “exclusive” employment. Nevertheless, his reputation as a guide over the Crown is second to none.

For his part, Ulf seems to care little for the opinions of others. He cares neither for his employers nor their gold, but he cares deeply for his adopted sister, Uksahkka, and harbors a bitter hatred for those in power who abuse their authority to harm the disenfranchised. Ulf will go to great lengths to right what he sees as an injustice.


Ulf was offered a job by Asvig Longthews, seemingly out of nowhere, which he took as a great boon, having been on the outs with many local merchants as of late. They asked to develop a new trade route through the Grungir Forest, but when he went out to Asvig’s farmhouse to discuss details, he found that it had been a trap. Taken captive by Kimandatsu, of the Five Storms, likely to try and prevent the Brinewall Expedition from leaving Kalsgard, Ulf was held captive at Ravenscraeg Keep until rescued by the party, who found him blinded and beaten in a cell with three blindheims. Happy to hear the name of Uksahkka, Ulf agreed to take them along the Path of Aganhei.

Ulf Gormundr

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