Koya Mvashti

Old Human Cleric of Desna


Koya is in remarkably good shape, physically, for a woman of her age (what that age is, she will not say), but longevity runs in her family. Koya is the spiritual core of the caravan, serving as an advisor for most of the travelers. She wears brightly colored Varisian garments, and carries the trademark starknife of Desna. She wears her gray hair long, and always wears quite a bit of bright jewelry.


Until she passed away from natural causes just a few months ago, Madame Niska Mvashti was the oldest person in Sandpoint. No one quite knew how old the Varisian seer actually was when she died (she was already old when Sandpoint was founded over 40 years ago) – but the fact that her only daughter Koya is herself an old woman is a telling fact. Koya has spent a fair amount of her life traveling Varisia with a number of caravans, serving as a healer when she was younger and more recently as a fortune-teller. For the past several years, she’s been in the company of one of her adopted sons, Sandru Vhiski, as they traveled on a regular caravan route between Riddleport, Magnimar, and Korvosa two or three times a year. Their caravan spent most of its time relatively close to Sandpoint, though, and that suited Koya fine, since it gave her more time to care for her aged mother.

Now that Niska has passed away, though, Koya’s mourning transitioned into a sort of morose melancholy. A life-long worshiper of Desna, she came to realize that while she’d traveled extensively throughout the Varisian lowlands, she’d never been beyond the region’s borders. Tales of other Desnan explorers had long delighted her sense of wonder – even her own mother reputedly took part in several extensive caravans that traveled as far as the Land of the Linnorm Kings and even down to Qadira. Koya is having something of a late-life crisis as a result – a growing sense of disappointment that she had never made a long caravan trek. With her mother dead and her foster sons all grown, Koya had little reason to stay in Varisia, and had been pressuring Sandru to take a long journey, when the truth about his friend Ameiko came out, and providence delivered her the long trip she’d desired. The expedition has helped improve her spirits immensely, invigorating rather than exhausting her. Despite the protests of her son Bariel, shebein accompanied the party through Brinewall Castle, and shown that she can handle herself in dangerous circumstances.

Koya Mvashti

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