Varki Trader


The Varki descendant of shamans, Uksahhka has a strong affinity with nature. Her father’s sister was a powerful wind whisperer, and some of her aunt’s gift came down through the bloodline to her, allowing her to predict the weather.


A Varki trader who works with Ulf Gormundr, who the party encountered inebriated and frustrated about Ulf’s disappearance. She informed them that Ulf was the best guide across the Crown of the World in the business, but that he had gone missing after taking a job from Asvig Longthews. When she went to investigate, Asvig told her that “that no-good Ulf” had never shown up for the job. Asvig ordered his soldiers to throw her off the land, and she returned to town and crawled into a bottle to drown her sorrows. Learning that Ulf had not been located at Asvig’s farm, Uksahkka suggested that he might be on the funeral boat of Snorri Stone-Eye, and taught the party how to kayak, so tha tthey could go investigate. When they found no Ulf on the boat, and instead were ambushed by ninjas, the party angrily assumed that Uksahkka had set them up, and went to track her down at the shrine of Shelyn in the Fire Quarter. They found the temple being attacked by an Earth elemental, however, and Uksahkka gone. Later, they discovered her, held captive in the Rimerunner’s Guild headquarters, where she had been roughed up again. She told them that she’d overheard her captors speaking about transferring her to Ravenscraeg, and that Ulf was being held there. The experience soured her entirely on life in Kalsgard, however, and she announced her intentions to wash her hands of the whole business, and leave the city as soon as possible.


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